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Armands Strikis and Lucas Berent

University of Oxford, Technical University of Munich

Quantum LDPC Codes for Modular Architectures


Ivan Pogorelov, Lukas Postler, Christian Marciniak, Thomas Feldker, Georg Jacob, Oliver Krieglsteiner, Michael Meth, Philipp Schindler, Rainer Blatt and Thomas Monz

University of Innsbruck

Compact ion-trap quantum computing demonstrator


Arkin Tikku and Isaac Kim

UC Davis, University of Sydney

Circuit depth versus energy in topologically ordered systems


Daniel Stilck França, Peter Johnson, Guoming Wang, Ruizhe Zhang and Shuchen Zhu

INRIA/ENS Lyon, Zapata Computing, University of Texas, Georgetown University

Quantum algorithm for ground state energy estimation using circuit depth with exponentially improved dependence on precision


Luka Skoric, Dan E. Browne, Kenton M. Barnes, Neil I. Gillespie and Earl T. Campbell


Parallel window decoding enables scalable fault tolerant quantum computation


Laura Lewis, Daiwei Zhu, Gregory Kahanamoku-Meyer, Crystal Noel, Or Katz, Bahaa Harraz, Qingfeng Wang, Andrew Risinger, Lei Feng, Debopriyo Biswas, Laird Egan, Alexandru Gheorghiu, Yunseong Nam, Thomas Vidick, Umesh Vazirani, Norman Yao, Marko Cetina and Christopher Monroe

California Institute of Technology

Implementation of Proofs of Quantumness on an Ion-Trap Quantum Computer


Samuel Smith, Benjamin Brown and Stephen Bartlett

The University of Sydney

A local pre-decoder to reduce the bandwidth and latency of quantum error correction


Sami Boulebnane and Ashley Montanaro

University College London, Phasecraft Ltd.

Solving boolean satisfiability problems with the quantum approximate optimization algorithm


José Guimarães, Jaemin Lim, Mikhail Vasilevskiy, Susana Huelga and Martin Plenio

University of Ulm, University of Minho

Noise-assisted digital quantum simulation of open quantum systems


Balint Koczor, Hans Hon Sang Chan, Richard Meister and Matthew L. Goh

University of Oxford

Algorithmic Shadow Spectroscopy


Nicholas Rubin, Dominic Berry, Fionn Malone, Alec White, Tanuj Khattar, A. Eugene DePrince, Sabrina Sicolo, Michael Kuhn, Michael Kaicher, Joonho Lee and Ryan Babbush

Google Research

Fault-tolerant quantum simulation of materials using Bloch orbitals


Marios Ioannou, Jonas Helsen, Emilio Onorati, Albert Werner, Jonas Kitzinger, Ingo Roth and Jens Eisert

FU Berlin, CWS

Shadow estimation of gate-set properties from random sequences


Timo Hillmann and Fernando Quijandría

Chalmers University of Technology

Quantum error correction with dissipatively stabilized squeezed cat qubits


Samson Wang, Mario Berta and Sam McArdle

Imperial College London, RWTH Aachen University, AWS Centre for Quantum Computing

Qubit-Efficient Randomized Quantum Algorithms for Linear Algebra


Naomi Solomons, Oliver Thomas and Dara McCutcheon

University of Bristol

Gaussian-boson-sampling-enhanced dense subgraph finding shows limited advantage over efficient classical algorithms


Chi-Fang Chen, András Gilyén, Fernando G.S.L. Brandao and Michael J. Kastoryano

Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, AWS Center for Quantum Computing,  University of Copenhagen

Efficient quantum Metropolis algorithms


Simon Apers, Sander Gribling, Sayantan Sen and Dániel Szabó

Université Paris Cité, CNRS, IRIF, Indian Statistical Institute

A (simple) classical algorithm for estimating Betti numbers


Oscar Higgott and Craig Gidney

UCL, Google

Sparse Blossom: correcting a million errors per second with min-weight matching



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