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This year the event will be chaired by distinguished quantum theorist Isaac Kim, Ph.D. Dr. Kim is assistant professor of Computer Science at University of California Davis. His work is in quantum computing and quantum many-body physics, specialising in quantum algorithms, quantum error correction and entanglement bootstrap. 




Kianna Wan, Stanford University
Ciaran Ryan-Anderson, Quantinuum
William Huggins, Google Quantum AI
Nikitas Stamatopoulos, Goldman Sachs
Alex Dalzell, AWS Center for Quantum Computing
Yu Tong, Caltech
Michael Beverland, Microsoft Quantum
Minh Tran, MIT
Isaac Kim, UC Davis (chair)
Alex Kubica, AWS Center for Quantum Computing
Jonas Helsen, CWI Amsterdam
Yuan Su, Microsoft Quantum
Earl Campbell, Riverlane
Robin Blume-Kohout, Sandia National Laboratories
Artur Izmaylov, University of Toronto
Nicholas Rubin, Google Quantum AI


Between 24 January and 28 February the programme committee will thoroughly review all submitted papers, selecting the most accomplished, provocative and ground-breaking for presentation at QCTiP2023. Poster submissions will be managed via the registration process.



Ashley Montanaro, Bristol University, Phasecraft
Noah Linden, Bristol University
Jake Taylor, Riverlane
Ophelia Crawford, Riverlane
Glenn Manoff, Riverlane
Leigh Acutt, LA Event Management
Alex Jeckells, Riverlane
Amy Flower, Riverlane


If you have any questions relating to QCTIP 2023 please email Amy Flower - 

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