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Our theme this year is the intersection of quantum theory and practice that will take us from today’s NISQ machines and algorithms to the first generation of quantum computers and applications with error correction.  




  1. Applied quantum error correction 
  2. NISQ advances  
  3. Novel codes and techniques, including quantum low density parity codes (qLDPC)
  4. Other future fault tolerant quantum computing (FTQC) advances  
  5. Algorithmic advances for the fault-tolerant regime  
  6. Validation and verification  



We are in the process of inviting a leading global expert to keynote each session. The website will be regularly updated as new speakers are added.   

Our first confirmed invited speakers are:

Murphy Niu – Senior Research Scientist at Google Quantum AI

Richard Kueng – Associate Professor for Quantum Computing at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Kianna Wan  –  PhD Candidate at Stanford University

Garnet Chan  –  Bren Professor of Chemistry at Caltech

Nicolas Delfosse  – Principal Researcher at Microsoft



Each of the six sessions will also have contributed talks reflecting submissions from researchers and practitioners across the global quantum community. These will be selected by 28th Feburary based on submissions received by 24th January. 

Previous keynote and selected speakers have included leading experts from enterprises such as Google, Rigetti, IonQ, and IBM; and universities such as the Universities of Oxford, Waterloo, Yale, Caltech, UCL and Delft.  More information QCTIP 2022 can be found here.


In addition to the sessions listed above will be:

  • Poster session
  • Industry session with industry talks, Q&A and an industry panel discussion
  • Formal dinner at Jesus College (evening of 18th April)

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